These examples are hypothetical and for informational purposes only.

  • Pre Retirement - Mike and Kate
    • Both are 55 years old.
    • Married with two children
    • Want to retire in 10 years
    • Have $400,000 in retirement accounts

    Mike and Kate would like to have $40,000 of retirement income annually with an inflation cost of living increase of 3 to 4 percent per year. They have contributed to their retirement accounts over the years and have watched it grow only to see it drop drastically with the economic up and downs in recent years.

    They are concerned that they may not be diversified enough in the mutual funds they own and would like to have less volatility so they can attain their retirement goals. Mike and Kate would like to find a Financial Advisor that can help them make prudent decisions in the management of their retirement funds.

  • Retiring - Bill & Carol
    • Bill will retire this year at age 62, Carol is 60 and would like to retire soon.
    • Bill is unsure if he should begin taking Social Security when he retires.
    • Bill has a 401(k) at his employer with a current value of $650,000.
    • Carol has an IRA that has a current value of $125,000.


    Bill currently has a take home pay of $3,000 per month and would like to have that monthly income continue when he retires. He is wondering if he takes Social Security early in the amount of $1,700 per month and then draws on his retirement funds for the difference how much should he have withheld for Federal and State taxes.

    Bill would also like to roll over his 401(k) from his employer to an IRA but needs help choosing investments for the new IRA. Bill and Carol would like to find a Financial Advisor that can help them choose investments for their retirement portfolio that will last their lifetime, help them decide what tax dollars to have withheld and prepare their taxes annually and be available to answer questions they may have as their retirement years continue.

  • Retired - Don & Peggy
    • Don age 68 retired five years ago, Peggy age 66 was a homemaker
    • Don has an IRA that he takes monthly income deposits
    • Both are on Social Security
    • They have low interest CD savings that are coming due


    Don's IRA retirement account dropped quite a bit in the last stock market correction; now that the IRA has recovered they wonder if they should make some changes to their investments in the IRA to help reduce the ups and downs from the market volatility.

    Don worries that if he passes away will Peggy have enough income for her life expectancy of 80+ years. They decide to have a Financial Advisor look at the investments in the IRA and CD's to see how much investment risk they are exposed too and if they can project how long they can draw income from their investments.

    Situation outlined is hypothetical in nature and only for the purpose of outlining how a financial advisor may be able to assist you with retirement planning.

  • Widowed - Barb
    • Barb is in her 70's, her husband passed away this last year
    • Her husband had taken care of most financial matters
    • Barb's income is from Social Security and her husbands IRA
    • Barb wonders if she should consider selling her house


    A number of years ago when Barb's husband began having health problems they decided they needed to find someone that could help with their situation. They looked for a Financial Advisor that could help them prepare for when Barb would be in charge of the financial affairs.

    Barb's husband was comforted knowing that his wife would have the help and support she needed when he was gone, he was confident that his wife would be able to continue to enjoy her retirement years.

    Now Barb can call her Financial Advisor when she needs a question anwered or help with a decision and she has her tax return prepared by her advisor so she doesn't make any costly tax mistakes.