Investment Management

Building a broadly diversified investment portfolio is achieved through asset allocation, which involves incorporating multiple asset classes into a portfolio in order to improve it's risk reward characteristics. As an independent financial services firm we can work with many types of investment managers to tailor to each clients specific needs and goals.

Financial Planning

Creating a custom financial plan to determine if your life goals and retirement needs will be met in the future. Once the plan is created we will help with implementation of any necessary changes that may be needed to help achieve your financial goals.

Retirement Planning

We help our clients answer these retirement questions so they feel confident in their retirement decision.

  • When can I retire?
  • How much retirement income do I need?
  • Do I have enough money to retire?
  • How long will my money last?
  • Are my retirement assets at risk?

Estate Planning

Do you have all your necessary legal documents prepared and up to date? Have you created a family trust already or are you thinking of creating a family trust? We will review your current legal documents and help you if you wish to select an attorney to review or create legal documents, we will help you select an independent Trust company if needed and create an investment management plan for your trust assets so that your beneficiaries are well taken care of after you are gone.

Tax Preparation

Individual, Small Business and Trust tax returns prepared, coordinating tax planning and tax saving stratigies with your investments to make sure your not letting Uncle Sam have more than his fair share!